Moon Mics

Reverend Guitars

Showtime Detroit

Moon Mics


Andy Patalan is a noted Producer/Engineer, as well as a fantastic guitarist.

When it's time to record kick drums, Andy counts on the sound he gets

from the innovative Moon Mics.






Reverend Guitars


Andy Patalan is a sought-after lead guitar player for studio session work,

and live shows.


When Andy is on a session or a gig, he counts on the sound and the

quality of Reverend guitars.





Showtime Detroit


There is only one clothing store in Detroit that the Michael L. Ferguson

Band frequents, and that is Showtime Detroit.


Whether you need clothes for your next show, or you want to look

great for your next photo shoot, Dan Tatarian (Owner) will dress you

in style.  In fact, much of Mike's clothing in the pictures on our website

were purchased at Showtime Detroit!






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