Fender Guitars


Michael L. Ferguson uses Fender Stratocasters both live and in the studio.  He counts on the quality of these instruments to deliver a solid performance time and time again.  Michael uses a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail® in the bridge position, a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rail® in the middle position, and a Seymour Duncan Cool Rail® in the neck position.  This unique combination allows Michael to get a wide variety of tones that are necessary to perform the wide range of styles that make up the band's repertoire.




Gibson Guitars


Michael L. Ferguson uses Gibson Firebirds when he is seeking a warmer, heavier tone.  Gibson guitars are well-constructed instruments that are equally at home on the stage or in the studio.  One can always find Michael's Firebird in hand in both settings as much of the material demands a beefier tone.







Spector Basses


Eric R. Vancil uses and is endorsed by Spector bass.  Eric favors the Legend 4 Classic, and loves it's rich tone as well as its versatility on stage and in the studio.  Used on countless gigs, the Legend 4 Classic delivers like no other.







Marshall Amps


Michael L. Ferguson favors Marshall Amps to get the sound for which he is known.  Although primarily a vocalist, Michael is also an accomplished guitarist, and Marshall is his amp of choice.  For this project, he has favored the MG100 head for its ability to bring the best of out of each of his guitars.






Gallien Krueger Amps


Eric R. Vancil has been playing Gallien Krueger amps for over a decade because he loves the quality and the sound that these amps and cabinets deliver time and time again.


Eric uses the RB1001 head with the RBH410 and RBH115 cabinets, which combine to give the thickest, warmest tone.  While Eric has tried other amps, only Gallien Krueger gives him the sound that he demands for his versatile gigs.



Tama Drums


Rob Tamagne has been using Tama drums for many years now.  He has a custom set that has served him well over the years, and sounds incredible.


Rob has always been impressed by Tama's quality, as well as the variety of tones he is able to achieve, proving that his current kit is highly versatile.




Zildjian Cymbals


Rob Tamagne has used a variety of cymbals over the years, but none have come close to the sound and quality of Zildjian.


Rob needs a cymbal that can cut through the frequencies of all the instruments on stage, as well as produce a pleasing sound.  Zildjian cymbals do all of that and more.




Taylor Guitars


Andy Patalan has used many different acoustic guitars throughout his illustrious musical career, but his guitar of choice is Taylor.









Mojotone Amps


When it comes to pickups, Andy has his choice of companies, and his choice is Mojotone.  Custom pickups that allow Andy to create the sound he wants.


Andy loves the sound of his Mojotone pickups, as well as the other accessories

he uses that possess the quality that only Mojotone provides.


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