GHS Strings

Vic Firth

Boss Pedals


Pick Guy

Wornstar Clothing

GHS Strings


Andy Patalan and Eric R. Vancil both use GHS strings for a tone that cuts through without losing its warmth.


Eric favors the GHS Progressives for their edgy tone, and their durability.


Andy, a GHS endorsee, uses the GHS Boomers , which stand up to the

rigor of performance and studio work.






Vic Firth


To withstand Rob's powerful playing style, only one brand of drumsticks will do, and that is Vic Firth.  Vic Firth makes a wide variety of sticks, including

Rob's favorites, the Maple American Custom SD9 Driver, the Hickory

American Classic ROCKN, and the Hickory American Classic Metal N.


The choice of sticks is a deeply personal one for any drummer, and

Rob's choice is Vic Firth.





Boss Pedals


Boss Pedals are a key ingredient to the sound of the Michael L. Ferguson

Band.  With a wide variety from which to choose, Boss remains the brand

of pedals that Michael L. Ferguson and Eric R. Vancil use the most.


Michael loves the various overdrives and chorus pedals, and Eric favors the OC-3 Super Octave pedal.








Andy Patalan loves the unique, high quality sound he gets from his

Xotic pedals.  He uses them live and in the studio, and is

continually impressed with the tones available to him from these

deceptively small beauties.






Levy's Leathers Straps


Of all the guitar/bass straps on the market, none comes close to the comfort and quality of Levy straps.  They are the most comfortable, durable, and

lightweight straps available today.


Levy brand are the only straps that Michael L. Ferguson and Eric R. Vancil will use, and Eric Vancil is now endorsed by Levy's Leathers.





Pick Guy


The pick guy is the go-to place for custom printed guitar/bass picks.  What

makes the Pick Guy different from other companies that make custom picks

is the attention to detail, as well as the quality of the pick itself.


Michael L. Ferguson and Eric R. Vancil are proud to play Pick Guy picks.




Wornstar Clothing


Eric R. Vancil and Michael L. Ferguson have owned many different brands

of stage clothing, and one company stands out from all the rest.  That

company is Wornstar.  The clothes are made to have a worn in feel

that emphasizes comfort along with style.








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